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The LeY determinant, a difucosylated type 2 blood group-related antigen, is a positional isomer of the Leb blood group antigen and a fucosylated derivative of the Lex antigen. The Le" antigen behaves like an oncodevelopmental tumor-associated antigen in human colon cancer, and extended polyfucosyl Lex antigens are more specific for colon cancer tissues than(More)
We investigate a practical technology for reconstructing nanosecond pulse noisy images via stochastic resonance, which is based on the modulation instability. A theoretical model of this method for optical pulse signal is built to effectively recover the pulse image. The nanosecond noise-hidden images grow at the expense of noise during the stochastic(More)
We propose a novel scheme for restoring pulse and high noisy images using stochastic resonance, which is based on the modulation instability and provides a cross-correlation gain higher than 8. As opposed to previously reported designs, this unique approach employs a continuous noise and pulse signal for the generation of modulation instability. The(More)
We investigate the nanosecond pulse noise-hidden image reconstruction and visualization using stochastic resonance implemented by modulation instability. In particular, this dynamical stochastic resonance holds with coupling between the pulse incoherent noise and pulse coherent signal, and provides a substantial enhancement of the signal-to-noise ratio and(More)
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