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With advancement of computer community and widespread dissemination of network applications, users generally need multiple servers to provide different services. Accordingly, the multiserver architecture has been prevalent, and designing a secure and efficient remote user authentication under multiserver architecture becomes a nontrivial challenge. In last(More)
In the field of the Telecare Medicine Information System, recent researches have focused on consummating more convenient and secure healthcare delivery services for patients. In order to protect the sensitive information, various attempts such as access control have been proposed to safeguard patients’ privacy in this system. However, these schemes suffered(More)
In this paper, we present a certificateless signature (CLS) scheme that is proved to be secure in the random oracle model under the hardness assumptions of k-CAA and Inv-CDHP. Our scheme upholds all desirable properties of previous CLS schemes, and requires general cryptographic hash functions instead of the MapToPoint hash function which is inefficient and(More)
Keywords: Steganography Four-pixel differencing Modified LSB substitution Data hiding Pixel-value differencing Error block Embedding capacity Imperceptible a b s t r a c t To improve the embedding capacity and provide an imperceptible visual quality, a novel steganographic method based on four-pixel differencing and modified least significant bit (LSB)(More)
To study the communication between information systems, Wang et al. Communicating between information systems, Information Sciences 178 (2008) 3228-3239] proposed two concepts of type-1 and type-2 consistent functions. Some properties of such functions and induced relation mappings have been investigated there. In this paper, we provide an improvement of(More)
Value-added applications in vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) come with the emergence of electronic trading. The restricted connectivity scenario in VANET, where the vehicle cannot communicate directly with the bank for authentication due to the lack of internet access, opens up new security challenges. Hence a secure payment protocol, which meets the(More)
Healthcare delivery services via telecare medicine information systems (TMIS) can help patients to obtain their desired telemedicine services conveniently. However, information security and privacy protection are important issues and crucial challenges in healthcare information systems, where only authorized patients and doctors can employ telecare medicine(More)