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BACKGROUND Dietary intake has changed considerably in South European countries, but whether those changes were similar between countries is currently unknown. AIM OF THE STUDY To assess the trends in food availability in Portugal and four other Mediterranean countries from 1966 to 2003. METHODS Food and Agricultural Organization food balance sheets from(More)
In order to decrease the signal length and transmitting time, improve accuracy of the delay time estimate, complete the mission of ranging and communication at the same time, a new ultra wideband (UWB) ranging method is developed in this paper. This method modulates the training sequence and information signals respectively on two carrier waves which are(More)
In CPS (cyber-physical systems), computation is integrated with physical processes, computer system is used to monitor and interact with the physical world to realize maximization of benefit and usage. The model and verification for cyber physical systems are two important and challenge problems because CPS has not only heterogeneous nature but also very(More)
We report that Eu(2+) can be an efficient sensitizer for Yb(3+) and a broadband absorber for blue solar spectra in the host of oxide glass. The greenish 4f → 5d transition of Eu(2+) and the characteristic near-infrared emission of Yb(3+) were observed, with the blue-light of xenon lamp excitation. The 5d energy can be adjusted by the host and the energy(More)
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