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Digital fingerprinting is a technique for identifying users who use multimedia content for unintended purpose, such as redistribution. In order to characterize the fingerprints that can withstand collusion attack, Dittmann et. al proposed the definition of Anti-Collusion Codes (ACCs). In this paper, we present a new approach to construct anti-collusion(More)
Based on the epidemic theory, this paper proposes a novel model for analyzing the dynamics of worm propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The proposed model supports the sleep and work interleaving schedule policy for sensor nodes, and it can also describe the process of multi-worm propagation in WSNs. In addition, a necessary condition for worms(More)
This paper presents a new supervised method for vessel segmentation in retinal images. This method remolds the task of segmentation as a problem of cross-modality data transformation from retinal image to vessel map. A wide and deep neural network with strong induction ability is proposed to model the transformation, and an efficient training strategy is(More)