Qiaoli Kong

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Virtual Geographical Environment is a special instance of virtual environment, which pays more attention to the geographical spatio-temporal properties of all objects and to modeling and simulating macroscopical behaviors of intelligent objects within the geographical space. Modeling intelligent virtual agent is the key of making virtual geographical(More)
Depending on the current fast-growing Web virtual reality technology, a Web three-dimensional virtual geographic laboratory based on real geographic laboratory is created by VRML. Interaction between the user and the scene is achieved through the integrated use of ASP and JavaScript technologies. Students can access anytime and anywhere to the virtual(More)
To investigate the temporal-spatial distribution and evolutions of global Total Electron Content (TEC), we estimate the global TEC data from 1999 to 2013 by processing the GPS data collected by the International Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Service (IGS) stations, and robustly constructed the TEC time series at each of the global 5°×2.5° grids.(More)
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