Qiaofang Zhou

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This study used thermo-mechanical densification technology to compress low-moisture content (3~5%) rapid-growth Populus tomentosa var. tomentosa trees to produce specimens with a low-compression ratio (small volume loss) and a uniform density profile and desirable properties. Furthermore, the densified specimens were subjected to post-heat treatment at 180,(More)
The lumber of Eucalyptus urophylla×E. camaldulensis was heat-treated at either 180, 190, 200, or 210 oC for 3 h. According to the national forestry standard methods for evaluating the machining properties of lumber, the machining properties (including planing, sanding, boring, mortising, shaping, and turning) of heat-treated and untreated control samples(More)
Solder joint crack is a common failure mode of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for electronic products. In order to investigate the crack behavior of fine-pitch SMT solder joints, accelerated thermal cycling (ATC) up to 1500 cycles was performed on advanced PCBAs with low-profile thin small outline package (TSOP). The functional examination result(More)
Heat treatment may result in variation of wood equilibrium moisture content (EMC). During this study, tauari (Couratari oblongifolia), ash (Fraxinus excelsior), and oak (Quercus rubra) woods were heat-treated at 190, 200, and 210oC for 3 hours and then put into a conditioning chamber with a temperature from 30 to 75oC and a relative humidity from 50 to 90%.(More)
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