Qiao-mei Lu

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Luminescent 20-nm silicon dioxide nanoparticles containing dibromofluorescein (D; particles denoted D-SiO(2)) were synthesized by the sol-gel method. In the presence of Pb(Ac)(2) as a heavy atom perturber, the particle can emit the intense and stable room temperature phosphorescence(RTP) signal on a polyamide membrane at the wavelength of(More)
In the presence of ion perturber LiAc, 4-generation polyamidoamine dendrimers (4G-D) could emit strong and stable room temperature phosphorescence (RTP) signal at lambda(max)(ex)/lambda(max)(em) = 511.8/675.3 nm on nitrocellulose membrane (NCM), and Triton X-100 could sharply enhance the RTP signal of 4G-D. Triton X-100-4G-D was used to label concanavalin(More)
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