Qiao Yan Wen

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There are massive data in the aerospace field, and the characteristics of the aerospace data evoke the difficulty to query from the data. The multi-join queries can ease the difficulty. A BCOP_GA algorithm based on the Genetic Algorithm for multi-join query of the specific data with a new appropriate cost model for it is proposed. The algorithm takes the(More)
The second-order intensity moments and the beam-propagation M2 factor of partially coherent beams that propagate through a circular-symmetry hard-edged aperture are in the cylindrical coordinate system. AJo-correlated Schell-model beam with a Gaussian intensity distribution is an example. The analytical expression for the generalized M2 factor is derived.(More)
Liquid saturable absorbers have some advantages in some aspects over solid saturable absorbers. In this paper, graphene oxide in heavy water (deuteroxide, D2O) dispersion was fabricated and used as absorber in Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for the first time, to the best of our knowledge. The shortest pulse width of the Q-switched laser is 523 ns, corresponding(More)
WS<sub>2</sub> layered material offers a great potential for the development of next generation laser photonic devices due to its strong layer absorption compared with graphene. The passively Q-switched Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> laser operating at 1064 nm was first demonstrated by using layered tungsten disulfide WS<sub>2</sub> saturable absorber SA, which was(More)
An effective method for designing the insensitive resonator of a continuous-wave passively mode-locked laser is firstly presented in this paper. This method, using resonator transform circle graphic theory, is both intuitive and reliable. Theoretical results show that the resonator is suitable to obtain highly stable mode locking operation when the(More)
As organizations become larger and larger, a worldwide enterprise may involve many regional branches, and also form partnerships with other organizations. Therefore it becomes necessary to implement authentication systems which are capable of working across multiple security domains or internet domains. We proposed an effective scheme which can implement(More)
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