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The segregation of land-use intensity signifies an important change in land use in lac insect agroecosystem of Southwestern China. Farming conversions have led to a highly diversified landscape, with a mosaic made up of patches of land with different succession, from cultivated lands to closed forest. Our aim here is to characterize ant assemblages within(More)
This study investigated the effects of ant attendance on the parasitoid community and parasitism of lac insect Kerria yunnanensis aggregations in Yunnan province, China. We manipulated ant attendance to establish three treatments: (1) ant exclusion; (2) low ant attendance by several ant species; and (3) high ant attendance by Crematogaster macaoensis. Five(More)
The grasshopper communities in the paddy field, dry land, natural forest, and plantation forest of lac plantation-farmland ecosystem in Lvchun County, Yunnan were investigated by sweep netting. A total of 1426 grasshoppers belonging to 33 species, 22 genena, and 5 families were captured. In the paddy field, dry land, natural forest, and plantation forest of(More)
Flaveria bidentis (L.) Kuntze, an invasive plant in China, has caused serious environmental and agricultural problems. A competition experiment with and without nitrogen fertilizer under field conditions was conducted to determine the competitive ability of the invasive plant species with two native species. The results showed that fertilization only(More)
By the method of pitfall trapping, an investigation was conducted on the diversity of ground-dwelling ants in a lac plantation in Yayi Town of Mojiang County, Yunnan Province of Southwest China in December 2009-May 2010, aimed to understand the effects of lac insect honeydew on the diversity of ground-dwelling ants. The presence or absence of lac insect(More)
China has the largest afforestation effort in the world, which was implemented in response to large-scale deforestation that has occurred over centuries. Although the outcomes for vegetation coverage are clear, it remains unclear if these efforts also translate into broader conservation outcomes for fauna. Here we use ant communities to assess the(More)
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