Qiao-Xing Li

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Berberine is a well‑known component of the Chinese herbal medicine Huanglian (Coptis chinensis), and is capable of inhibiting the proliferation of multiple cancer cell lines. However, information available regarding the effect of berberine on prostate cancer cell growth is limited. In the present study, LnCaP and PC‑3 human prostate cancer cell lines were(More)
Due to the lack of environmental protection consciousness and the pursuit of short-term economic benefits, many people overlook the protection and management of ecological environment in the development and operation process of tourist attractions. Our study tends to build an index system for the ecological environment construction of the tourist(More)
By combining the subjective and objective weights with the optimization technique, we construct an optimal model to make the deviation among the aggregated evaluation values as large as possible. Then the final weights of indices, which reflect the subjective and objective information, can be obtained. This approach is propitious to order schemes and select(More)
As an important part of linear algebra, determinant has a wide range of applications in real-world. Due to complexity of various systems, we usually encounter the poor information when obtaining the elements of determinant. In this paper, we defined grey determinant and proposed some fundamental computation rules. The proposed grey determinant can also be(More)