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A new orthogonal projection method for computing the minimum distance between a point and a spatial parametric curve is presented. It consists of a geometric iteration which converges faster than the existing Newton's method, and it is insensitive to the choice of initial values. We prove that projecting a point onto a spatial parametric curve under the(More)
In this paper, we propose the concept of generalized harmonic curvature for the image surface, and then, we give a new diffusion coefficient which is based on the generalized harmonic curvature for the PM model. Moreover, we also give a semi-implicit difference scheme, the stability with respect to the sup-norm doesn't depend on the time step. Finally,(More)
A recent work has shown that hydrophobic organic compounds solubilized in the micelle phase of some nonionic surfactants present substrate toxicity to microorganisms with increasing bioavailability. However, in cloud point systems, biotoxicity is prevented, because the compounds are solubilized into a coacervate phase, thereby leaving a fraction of(More)
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