Qiao Xiao-lin

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On the condition of amplitude-comparison monopulse radar system, for measuring the direction of multicomponent sources in the space which have same modulation format, an algorithm of Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation based on Radon-Ambiguity Transform is proposed. The typical signal model is built up, and when the time-of-arrival is very approximate, it(More)
A tri-pole filter is proposed as a video integrator for scanning radar. Coefficients optimization of the tri-pole filter is carried out via genetic algorithm (GA) which evaluates the fitness of individual using a new function in time-domain. The tri-pole filter requires only 0.1 dB increase in signal-to-noise ratio to provide the same detection capability(More)
A novel algorithm for mitigating multipath effect of low elevation for passive monopulse radar based on the fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) is proposed with constructing the multipath model in this paper. Reflection LFM signal filtered and mitigated in FRFT domain. The statistical analysis is also performed which perfects the method theoretically,(More)
It is usually not convenient to use the functions supplied by Visual DSP++ to operate peripherals interactively during debug when an emulator is used. In this paper we develop a simple framework which offers a configurable graphic user interface (GUI), a component to manipulate digital signal processor (DSP) memory and a virtual register mechanism. This(More)
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