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The deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is expected to have a significant impact on the efficiency of many civil and military applications, such as disaster management, environment monitoring, combat field surveillance and space exploration. In unattended WSN setups, most of the energy aware routing approaches pursue multi-hop paths in order to(More)
Network anomaly is detected by identifying possible abnormal behaviors in network traffic. Due to the applications of High-speed Networks, sampling data of network traffic have been adopted extensively as the data source of anomaly detection. Sampling is an approximate method of measurement, and the sampling data must have certain deviation on distribution(More)
—In passive radio frequency identification (RFID) system, tag turns on when the received power is more than tag chip sensitivity. Therefore, sensitivity and the received power are determinant to affect passive RFID readability. The required power by tag depends on the chip manufacture, but the received power is affected by many factors besides of antenna(More)
A doctor recommendation algorithm is proposed based on the doctor performances model and the patient preferences model, which aims at relieving the problem of doctor information overload and “reservation imbalance” of Shanghai Medical League Appointment Platform and helping patients to schedule a medical appointment successfully. The algorithm(More)
A method of emotion feature fusion of images based on EEG analysis is proposed in this paper. At first, select the appropriate algorithm to extract color and shape feature. Then, the EEG analysis is proposed, analyses are made on emotion feature of image by way of Emotion Spectrum Analyzing. The paper uses cloth image as date, proposes the Canonical(More)
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