Qiao Meng

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Frequency and frequency rate estimation of linear frequency modulated (FM) signal has been playing important role in applications various engineering fields. A new method based on maximum-likelihood for joint estimation of instantaneous frequency (IF) and instantaneous frequency rate (IFR) is proposed, reducing two-dimensional grid search to(More)
A digital hardware implementation of Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN) based on sigma-delta modulated bit-streams is presented. Through the change of feedback coefficient in the framework of traditional sigma-delta modulator, a new limiting amplifier modulator (LAM) is fabricated, and the approximation to Gauss kernel function can be achieved by(More)
We developed a 1.2 GHz bandwidth spectrometer based on combined complex FFT algorithm for radio astronomy. It resolves the contradiction between wide bandwidth and high speed real-time processing by using the combined complex FFT algorithm. Block-RAMs(BRAMs) in FPGA are saved by parallel processing and module multiplexing, while the computation time also(More)
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