Qiao Liang

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We propose an advanced algorithm to achieve coordinated CMTS-side energy-saving in a HFC network supporting DOCSIS 3.0 standard. Based on traffic information, the algorithm grooms as many as cable modems (CMs) on a minimal number of CMTS ports as possible, and put the rest of its ports to sleep for energy-saving. With network simulations using a realistic(More)
Augmented reality (AR) displays become more and more popular recently, because of its high intuitiveness for humans and high-quality head-mounted display have rapidly developed. To achieve such displays with augmented information, highly accurate image registration or ego-positioning are required, but little attention have been paid for outdoor(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for ego-positioning by using a low-cost monocular camera for systems based on the Internet-of-Vehicles. To reduce the computational and memory requirements, as well as the communication load, we tackle the model compression task as a weighted <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$k$</tex-math></inline-formula>-cover(More)
Investigation of groundwater quality is the basic research to examination of the status of groundwater resources, evaluation of the groundwater quality, groundwater carrying capacity and study of groundwater pollution. Under systems engineering and software engineering methods, this paper focuses on PDA and 3S technology&#x02019;s application procedure in(More)
With the VMS (Variable Message Signs) gradually and extensively used in major cities, it is necessary to develop a related evaluation system to evaluate its guidance effect systematically and efficiently. This paper primarily studies on developing a system to make the evaluation work more simply and quickly, and it chiefly contains the following five(More)
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