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In view of the problem that GPS output information is much larger than the practical needed, the data acquisition and processing system based on FPGA+GPS+FLASH was opposed. FPGA simulates UART port, acquiring and abstracting the GPS latitude, longitude, altitude and velocity, simultaneity, store data in real time by use of FLASH. The corresponding(More)
On the basis of analyzing the temperature output characteristics of accelerometers, this paper presents a temperature compensation method for gyro-free micro inertial measurement unit (GF-MIMU) so as to reduce the accelerometer output error caused by the variation with the temperature of working environment. Integrating the temperature-sensitive output(More)
intelligent temperature detecting system has been widely used in military and civil fields. A novel intelligent temperature detecting system based on AT89S52 and DS18B20 is designed and implemented in this paper. The system uses AT89S52 to control the whole temperature detecting system, the detected temperature can be not only displayed in LCM1602 liquid(More)
In view of the engineering requirements for MEMS inertial devices, by using C8051F020 to build hardware platforms, the calibration of MIMU was completed before used through wireless transmission chip NRF24L01 to transfer experimental data. Data transmission tests were carried out with the designed hardware circuit. The results show that the scheme can(More)
Considering the problems such as gyro error accumulating with time and GPS poor reliability in dynamic environment, the attitude-measuring and positioning system based on GPS/electronic compass was proposed and designed. C8051F021 single chip machine (SCM) was used as the central processor, HMR3300 digital electronic compass and iTrax02-03 GPS receiver to(More)
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