Qiao-Cong Lao

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Thrombosis is a leading cause of death and the development of effective and safe therapeutic agents for thrombotic diseases has been proven challenging. In this study, taking advantage of the transparency of larval zebrafish, we developed a larval zebrafish thrombosis model for drug screening and efficacy assessment. Zebrafish at 2 dpf (days post(More)
6'-O-Caffeoylarbutin, an arbutin derivative, is a naturally occurring glucoside of hydroquinone from Vaccinium dunalianum. On anti-melanogenic effect assay, 6'-O-caffeoylarbutin expressed a stronger anti-melanin activity in a dose-dependent manner with about a two-fold more than that of arbutin, but with less toxicity about a two-fold lower than that of(More)
A number of recent reports suspected that Tween-80 in injectable medicines, including traditional Chinese medicine injections could cause life-threatening anaphylactoid reaction, but no sound conclusion was drawn. A drug-induced anaphylactoid reaction is hard to be assayed in vitro and in conventional animal models. In this study, we developed a(More)
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