Qianyuan Li

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study is to optimize the effective dose of heparin and ligustrazine hydrochloride injection (LHI) for drug combination. MATERIALS AND METHODS The animal clinical study of LHI was performed by the rat's model of induced arteriovenous shunt thrombosis. Experimental animals were grouped into several groups and separately(More)
Gynura medica leaf extract contains significant amounts of flavonols and phenolic acids and exhibits powerful hypoglycemic activity against diabetic rats in vivo. However, the hypoglycemic active constituents that exist in the plant have not been fully elaborated. The purpose of this study is to isolate and elaborate the hypoglycemic activity compounds(More)
In this paper, we present a framework to implement a database management extension for indoor moving objects based on a commercial Object-Relational DBMS. As most people are living in indoor spaces, it is valuable to investigate people's moving trajectories in indoor space so as to develop indoor location-based services. We first present the general idea of(More)
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