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A fully-digital True Random Number Generator (TRNG) measures the frequency difference between two free-running ring oscillators, or in other words the beat frequency, to extract random frequency jitter. For generating a continuous stream of random bits with a high entropy level, the lower significant bits meeting the NIST randomness criteria are(More)
Modern systems-on-a-chip depend heavily on hard intellectual properties, such as standard cell and datapath libraries. As the foundries accelerate their update of advanced processes with increasingly complex design rules, and the libraries grow in flexibility and size, the cost of library development becomes prohibitively high. Automated layout-migration(More)
As semi-supervised classification drawing more attention, many practical semi-supervised learning methods have been proposed. However,one important issue was ignored by current literature–how to estimate the exact size of labelled samples given many unlabelled samples. Such an estimation method is important because of the rareness and expensiveness of(More)
The objective of the study was to explore the effects of olanzapine–fluoxetine combination (OFC) treatment of major depressive disorders on the quality of life in the acute treatment period. Methods were prospective and observational design. One hundred and three patients of major depressive disorders were observed. One group of 53 patients received OFC(More)
aging mechanisms, such as bias temperature instability (BTI), hot carrier injection (HCI), time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), electromigration (EM), and random telegraph noise (RTN), has become increasingly problematic with shrinking device geometries and smaller voltage margins. Traditionally, designers have dealt with this problem by adding a(More)
This paper inherits the fundamental ideas of inequality and optimization techniques from the previous work and converts the real-time obstacle avoidance problem into a semi-infinite constrained optimization problem with the help of a delicate mathematical transformation, which leads to an efficient real-time robotics' path planning approach. Motivated by(More)
True random number generators (TRNGs) are crucial components for the security of cryptographic systems. In contrast to pseudo--random number generators (PRNGs), TRNGs provide higher security by extracting randomness from physical phenomena. To evaluate a TRNG, statistical properties of the circuit model and raw bitstream should be studied. In this article,(More)
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