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Boolean expressions can be used in programs and specifications to describe the complex logic decisions in mission-critical, safety-critical and Web services applications. We define a topological model (T-model) to represent Boolean expressions and characterize the test data. This paper provides proofs of relevant T-model properties, employs the(More)
STUDY QUESTION Is there a critical period of progesterone (P4) withdrawal in a mouse menstrual-like model, and at what time after P4 withdrawal endometrial breakdown become irreversible? STUDY ANSWER Our results showed that a 12-16 h critical period of P4 withdrawal exists in the mouse menstrual-like model. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY P4 withdrawal is the(More)
When test execution of software applications, more often than not testers compete for some testing resources while holding other resources idle. How to optimize utility of testing resources, balance workload of testers and minimize test execution time is the research focus of this paper. We cluster and sequence test cases in order to minimize resource(More)
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