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Sasa argenteastriatus, with abundant active compounds and high antioxidant activity in leaves, is a new leafy bamboo grove suitable for exploitation. To utilize it more effectively and scientifically, we investigate the seasonal variations of antioxidant composition in its leaves and antioxidant activity. The leaves of Sasa argenteastriatus were collected(More)
Reactive oxygen species scavenging effect of Pleioblastus kongosanensis f. aureostriatus leaf extract against O2(-), OH and H2O2 were investigated by chemiluminescence methods in vitro. Bamboo grass leaves were extracted with 70% ethanol solution and sequentially partitioned with solvents in an order of increasing polarity. Among fractions of different(More)
Indocalamus latifolius (Keng) McClure leaf is a popular food material in East Asia due to its antioxidant and anticorrosive activities. To utilize it more effectively, we investigated the discrepancy of antioxidant activities and active compound content in Indocalamus latifolius leaf along with the altitude change. Total flavonoids, phenolics, titerpenoids(More)
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