Qiansheng Zhang

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This paper presents an enhanced approach for multiattribute decision making with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy assessing values for each alternative. To efficiently deal with the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy multiattribute decision making problem with partially or completely unknown weight information, we construct several optimization models(More)
A novel intuitionistic fuzzy sets with parameters (IFSP) is introduced in this paper. Compared with conventional intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFS), IFSP can provide more choices when it is applied to multiple attribute decision making. By analyzing the degree of hesitancy, an intuitionistic fuzzy sets with double parameters (IFSDP) model is presented. And(More)
To deal with the uncertain network public sentiment emergency of which attribute represented by intuitionistic fuzzy language term, we present a new information entropy measure for intuitionistic fuzzy value. By using the entropy measure, the weight of each sentiment attribute of emergency can be determined. Then by means of the information fusion technique(More)
Nowadays most network-based attacks are based on application-layer protocols and don't present significant difference in network traffic. Observed from the network-layer and transport-layer, these attacks may not contain significant malicious activities, and generate abnormal network traffic. So it is difficult for existing methods to effectively detect(More)
Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2014 Page 32 Abstract This paper presents an early warning decision system for uncertain network public opinion emergency based on case reasoning and matching method. We design the main structure modules and workflows of network public opinion emergency early warning decision system. Particularly, the processes of case(More)
This paper presents a new approximate reasoning method based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets ( IvIFSs), where the fuzzy terms in the production rules of rule-based system are represented by IvIFSs rather than interval-valued fuzzy sets or ordinary fuzzy sets. The proposed method is more flexible than the ones presented in [7, 12]. Moreover, it(More)