Qianqian Wang

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Landslides are usually initiated under complex geological conditions. It is of great significance to find out the optimal combination of predisposing factors and create an accurate landslide susceptibility map based on them. In this paper, the Information Value Model was modified to make the Modified Information Value (MIV) Model, and together with GIS(More)
In the Southwest Mountain areas, successive hydroelectric plant exploitation by humans on Baoxing River can exert a significant impact on regional landscape composition and structure. Taking East Baoxing River Catchment as the study area, the authors developed a method combining Moving Window based Calculation and Spatial Correlation Analysis to analyze the(More)
To realize sustainable urban development that minimizes environmental impacts, the relationship between urban development intensity and eco-environmental stresses should be clearly revealed. This paper focused on the Bohai Rim coastal area, where cities have experienced significant development in the last decade. An index system was developed to quantify(More)
In this paper, we proposed a linear discriminant approach, namely global–local Fisher discriminant analysis (GLFDA) that explicitly considers both the local and global discriminant structures embedded in data. To be specific, GLFDA constructs two graphs to, respectively, model the global and local discriminant structures and then incorporates discriminant(More)
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