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Glucose fluctuation increased hepatocyte apoptosis under lipotoxicity and the involvement of mitochondrial permeability transition opening.
Oxidative stress is considered to be an important factor in producing lethal hepatocyte injury associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Glucose fluctuation, more pronounced inExpand
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A Novel Cluster Head Selection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Particle Swarm Optimization
An important objective of wireless sensor network is to prolong the network life cycle, and topology control is of great significance for extending the network life cycle. Based on previous work, forExpand
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Methylation-associated Has-miR-9 deregulation in paclitaxel- resistant epithelial ovarian carcinoma
BackgroundDrug resistance is still one of the key causes of death in epithelial ovarian carcinoma (EOC) patients, however there are very few strategies to reverse chemoresistance. Here we try toExpand
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Inverse Relationship between Serum Lipoxin A4 Level and the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in a Middle-Aged Chinese Population
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) has been identified to be associated with a state of chronic, low-grade inflammation in adipose tissue. Lipoxins are endogenously generated from arachidonic acid, andExpand
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Autophagy protects against cholesterol-induced apoptosis in pancreatic β-cells.
Autophagy is believed to play an important role in maintaining homeostasis in pancreatic β-cells during insulin resistance. This study investigated the role of autophagy in β-cell damage induced byExpand
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Regulation of Insulin Resistance and Adiponectin Signaling in Adipose Tissue by Liver X Receptor Activation Highlights a Cross-Talk with PPARγ
Liver X receptors (LXRs) have been recognized as a promising therapeutic target for atherosclerosis; however, their role in insulin sensitivity is controversial. Adiponectin plays a unique role inExpand
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An improved dynamic deployment method for wireless sensor network based on multi-swarm particle swarm optimization
Dynamic deployment methods for wireless sensor network (WSN) can improve the quality of service (QoS) of the network by adjusting positions of mobile nodes. In the dynamic deployment problem model ofExpand
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A novel compound heterozygous variant of the SLC12A3 gene in Gitelman syndrome pedigree
BackgroundGitelman syndrome (GS) is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by genic mutations of SLC12A3 (Solute carrier family 12 member 3), which encodes the Na-Cl cotransporter (NCC), and presentsExpand
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A multi-scale level set method based on local features for segmentation of images with intensity inhomogeneity
Abstract Images with intensity inhomogeneity pose significant challenges in image segmentation. Local region-based level set models have recently been recognized as promising methods to segment suchExpand
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[The correlation between serum uric acid level and abdominal obesity or metabolic syndrome].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between serum uric acid (UA) level and abdominal obesity or metabolic syndrome (MS). METHODS A total of 875 subjects, with 350 males and 525 females, agedExpand
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