Qiannan Liu

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It is highly desirable to accurately detect the clouds in satellite images before any kind of applications. However, clouds and snow discrimination in remote sensing images is a challenging task because of their similar spectral signature. The shortwave infrared (SWIR, e.g., Landsat TM 1.55–1.75 μm band) band is widely used for the separation of cloud and(More)
Land cover mapping in mountainous areas is a notoriously challenging task due to the rugged terrain and high spatial heterogeneity of land surfaces as well as the frequent cloud contamination of satellite imagery. Taking Southwestern China (a typical mountainous region) as an example, this paper established a new HC-MMK approach (Hierarchical Classification(More)
A dynamic model of faulty rolling element bearing is proposed in this paper for descripting the vibration features of deep groove ball bearings, which have a single defect on the surface of the outer race. The existing fault mechanism models cannot describe the double impact phenomenon of a faulty ball bearing. To address this problem, an approach by(More)
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