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This paper proposes a Six Sigma based framework to deploy high product reliability commitment in distributed subcontractor manufacturing processes. The study aims to expand the Six Sigma tools in applications, where products are designed and developed under the fast time-to-market requirement. The reliability deployment is driven by two incentives: the(More)
Emerging image-based technologies are critical components of airport security for screening checked baggage. Since these new technologies differ widely in cost and accuracy, a comprehensive mathematical framework should be developed for selecting technology or combination of technologies for efficient 100% baggage screening. This paper addresses the problem(More)
This paper presents a degradation-based model to jointly determine the optimal burn-in, inspection, and maintenance decisions, based on degradation analysis and an integrated quality and reliability cost model. Degradation modeling plays an important role in reliability prediction and analysis for many highly reliable components and equipment, when the(More)
Industrial, manufacturing and service organizations are interested in improving their products and processes by decreasing the variation, because the competitive environment leaves little room for error. Variation is the enemy of quality which is defined and evaluated by the customers. We must deliver products and services at the ideal targets demanded by(More)
To enhance security at both national and global levels, airport security screening systems must be designed with high efficiency and effectiveness, which are affected by both screening technologies and operational procedures for utilizing those technologies. The operational efficiency and aviation security can be enhanced if an effective passenger(More)