Qianli Liu

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The CNT sheet fabricated by the floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method has attracted great attention due to its easy fabrication process and promising mass production at low cost. However, the randomly oriented CNT sheet with a loose stacking density shows relatively poor mechanical properties. In this work, a highly aligned dense CNT(More)
Eucalyptus has become a preferred species for the production of industrial products and also for the protection of natural forests in South China. Many diseases affect these trees, both on plantations and in nurseries. One such disease in Eucalyptus nurseries is grey mould caused by a species of Botrytis. Symptoms of grey mould were recently observed on(More)
A provenance experiment involving five native provenances and an Australian landrace of Pinus radiata (D. Don) was established over three sites in the dry river valley area of Sichuan, southwest China in 2004 in order to select the most suitable provenance for environmental planting on the dry, steep and degraded slopes to reduce soil erosion. Although with(More)
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