Qianli Jin

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We propose a new method for query expansion called "term similarity tree model" (TSTM). Term similarity tree is built to represent and estimate similarities between terms. Based on TSTM, we use similarity restriction and overlay restriction to implement query expansion. This method can cluster terms automatically, make the process of query expansion more(More)
It is the first time that the Chinese Information Processing group of NLPR participates in TREC. Our goal in this year is to test our IR system and get some experience about the TREC evaluation. So, we select two retrieval tasks: Novelty Track and Robust Track. We build a new IR system based on two key technologies: Window-based weighting method and(More)
In this paper, a series of window-based methods is proposed for information retrieval. Compared with traditional tf-idf model, our approaches are based on two new key notions. The first one is that the closer the query words in a document, the larger the similarity value between the query and the document. And the second one is that some query words, like(More)
An integrated method for bilingual chunk partition and alignment, called “Interactional Matching”, is proposed in this paper. Different from former works, our method tries to get as necessary information as possible from the bilingual corpora themselves, and through bilingual constraint it can automatically build one-to-one chunk-pairs associated with the(More)
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