Qianli Cheng

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We present a generally symmetrical circuit model to describe all kinds of metamaterials with effective permittivity and permeability. The model is composed of periodic structures whose unit cell is a general T-type circuit. Using the effective medium theory, we derive analytical formulations for the effective permittivity and effective permeability of the(More)
With the developement of metamaterials in recent years, more and more interests have been attracted in the potential applications of these novel materials. Metamaterials are usually composed of periodic subwavelength units, which can produce electric or magnetic responses under the excitation of external incident waves. Since the characteristic dimensions(More)
Laminar burning velocity is strongly dependent on mixture characteristics, e.g. initial temperature, pressure and equivalence ratio. In this work, spherically expanding laminar premixed flames, freely propagating from a spark ignition source in initially quiescent ethanol-air mixtures, have been imaged and then the laminar burning velocities were obtained(More)
A novel fluorescent Hg(2+) sensor was developed based on the T-Hg(2+)-T structure and a thioflavine T monomer-excimer fluorescent switch. Under optimum conditions, the selectivity is remarkably high, and Hg(2+) can be quantified over the dynamic range of 0.1 to 1.2 μM, with a limit of detection (LOD) of ~20 nM and a linear correlation coefficient of 0.995.
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