Qiangzhi Zhang

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women worldwide. Ultrasound imaging is one of the most frequently used diagnostic tools to detect and classify abnormalities of the breast. Recently, computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems using ultrasound images have been developed to help radiologists to increase diagnosis accuracy. However, accurate(More)
In hospitals, the doctors at sonography department often need to examine many patients every day. To alleviate the working burden, an automatic examination using some machines is needed. In this paper, by using the depth data captured by Kinect, the 3-D scene could be reconstructed with Visualization Toolkit, then the scan path could be automatically(More)
Segmentation of medical image, as the most essential and important step in the computer-aided diagnosis system, can greatly influence the system performance. Better segmentation to a great extent means better performance. Among many proposed segmentation algorithms, graph-based segmentation has become a hot one in the past few years because of the simple(More)
Increasing numbers of individuals are suffering from osteoarthritis every year, and the directed intra-articular injection of bone marrow stem cells has provided a promising treatment strategy for osteoarthritis. Although a number of studies have demonstrated that intra-articular injection of bone marrow stem cells produced desirable results, the mechanism(More)
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