Qiangqiang Peng

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In this paper, we propose a method towards unsupervised segmentation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image for segmentation of homogeneous regions. The SAR amplitude image is modeled by Rayleigh distribution. Moreover, in order to avoid geometric topology variations, the curve evolution is implemented via level sets. In addition, a new energy function is(More)
Focused web crawler collects relevant web pages of interested topics from the Internet.Most searchers have studied strategy based on an initial model to gather as many relevant web pages as possible in the focused web crawling. However,web information continually change over time, the initial model representing outdated information can’t reflect(More)
Search engine(SE) can obtains rich information from the Internet as a powerful tool, but most of them are not relevant to the searcher’s intended requirements. The main factor is query terms can not depict the user’s personality with the ambiguity of the language. To solve this problem, a method of extracting query expansion terms based on(More)
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