Qianggen Li

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The effects of pH on the yield (phi(r)), and on the apparent rise and decay constants (k(r), k(d)), of the O(630) intermediate are important features of the bacteriorhodopsin (bR) photocycle. The effects are associated with three titration-like transitions: 1) A drop in k(r), k(d), and phi(r) at high pH [pK(a)(1) approximately 8]; 2) A rise in phi(r) at low(More)
The last stages of the photocycle of the photosynthetic pigment all-trans bacteriorhodopsin (bR570), as well as its proton pump mechanism, are markedly pH dependent. We have measured the relative amount of the accumulated O630 intermediate (Phir), as well as its rise and decay rate constants (kr and kd, respectively), over a wide pH range. The experiments(More)
In this paper, we constructed a new electrochemical biosensor for DNA detection based on a molecule recognition technique. In this sensing protocol, a novel dual-labeled DNA probe (DLP) in a stem-loop structure was employed, which was designed with dabcyl labeled at the 3' end as a guest molecule, and with a Pb nanoparticle labeled at the 5' end as(More)
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