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Sustained Release of Naproxen in a New Kind Delivery System of Carbon Nanotubes Hydrogel
The results showed that CNTs-GEL possess better controlled release performance than GEL, and release kinetics is better fitted Ritger-Peppas empirical model indicating a fick-diffusion process in pH = 1.2, while in pH +7.4 it was non-fick diffusion involving surface diffusion and corrosion diffusion processes. Expand
Animal manure-derived biochars produced via fast pyrolysis for the removal of divalent copper from aqueous media.
The biomass used in this study proved to be effective adsorbents for the removal of Cu (II) from aqueous media. Expand
Polyborosilazane derived ceramics - Nitrogen sulfur dual doped graphene nanocomposite anode for enhanced lithium ion batteries
Abstract Silicon boron carbon nitride ceramic nanocomposites filled with nitrogen sulfur dual-doped graphene sheets (SiBCN/NSGs) were designed and synthesized by inserting pyrolyzed NSGs into theExpand
Hyperbranched polyborosilazane and boron nitride modified cyanate ester composite with low dielectric loss and desirable thermal conductivity
In this paper, we presented a new strategy for fabrication of polymeric composites combined with low dielectric loss and desirable thermal conductivity. With the incorporation of hyperbranchedExpand
Hexagonal boron nitride/polymethyl-vinyl siloxane rubber dielectric thermally conductive composites with ideal thermal stabilities
Abstract Hexagonal boron nitride/polymethyl-vinyl siloxane rubber ( h BN/VMQ) dielectric thermally conductive composites were fabricated via kneading followed by hot compression method. The thermallyExpand
Poly(ionic liquid) composites.
This review summarizes recent developments of PIL composites with a special emphasis on the preparation techniques that are based on the intrinsic properties of the PILs and the synergistic effects between the P ILs and substances of interest for diverse applications. Expand
Achieving carbon-rich silicon-containing ceramic anode for advanced lithium ion battery
Abstract Silicon carbon (Si/C) materials are promising anode candidates for high performance lithium ion batteries (LIBs). However, serious volume expansion and solid electrolyte interface formationExpand
Ultra-high thermally conductive and rapid heat responsive poly(benzobisoxazole) nanocomposites with self-aligned graphene.
The prepared PBO composites exhibit a thermal stability remarkably higher than that of neat PBO resin, and thus the highly ordered graphene in PBO could provide good candidates for effective heat shielding barriers. Expand
Long-life electrochemical supercapacitor based on a novel hierarchically carbon foam templated carbon nanotube electrode
Abstract In this work, a long-life and high-performance electrode material is successfully fabricated by the incorporation of carbon nanotube (CNT) with different length using chemical vaporExpand
Preparation and the electromagnetic interference shielding in the X-band of carbon foams with Ni-Zn ferrite additive
Abstract The composite of carbon foam with Ni-Zn ferrite as additive has been developed via foaming and carbonization process for electromagnetic interference shielding, using coal tar pitch asExpand