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Abstract The mechanics of highly extensible cables are studied numerically. The governing equations for the cable motion are reformulated using Euler parameters and we employ a nonlinearExpand
Unexpected Stable Stoichiometries of Sodium Chlorides
Salt to Squeeze Simple table salt, NaCl, is the only known stable phase of Na and Cl at ambient conditions. Previous attempts to understand its structure and chemical properties under pressure and atExpand
A stable compound of helium and sodium at high pressure.
Helium is generally understood to be chemically inert and this is due to its extremely stable closed-shell electronic configuration, zero electron affinity and an unsurpassed ionization potential. ItExpand
Rational design of all organic polymer dielectrics.
We propose a strategy of hierarchical modelling with successive downselection stages to accelerate the identification of polymer dielectrics that have the potential to surpass 'standard' materials for a given application. Expand
Structure prediction drives materials discovery
We discuss structure prediction methods, examining their potential for the study of different materials systems, and present examples of computationally driven discoveries of new materials that will enable new technologies. Expand
ECG Reconstruction via PPG: A Pilot Study
In this paper, the relation between electrocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmogram signals is studied, and the waveform of ECG is inferred via the PPG signals. Expand
Constrained evolutionary algorithm for structure prediction of molecular crystals: methodology and applications.
Evolutionary crystal structure prediction proved to be a powerful approach for studying a wide range of materials. Here we present a specifically designed algorithm for the prediction of theExpand
Novel stable compounds in the Mg-O system under high pressure.
Using ab initio evolutionary simulations, we explore the entire range of possible stoichiometries for the Mg-O system at pressures of up to 850 GPa. In addition to MgO, our calculations find that twoExpand
Novel Hydrogen Hydrate Structures under Pressure
Gas hydrates are systems of prime importance. In particular, hydrogen hydrates are potential materials of icy satellites and comets, and may be used for hydrogen storage. We explore the H2O–H2 systemExpand
The Structure of Glycine Dihydrate: Implications for the Crystallization of Glycine from Solution and Its Structure in Outer Space.
Glycine, the simplest amino acid, is also the most polymorphous. Herein, we report the structure determination of a long unknown phase of glycine, which was first reported by Pyne and SuryanarayananExpand