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OBJECTIVE To investigate the characteristics and trends in the HIV epidemic in Yunnan province, China, between 1989 and 2007. METHODS Statistical analysis of serological data from voluntary testing and counseling sites, medical case reports, mass screenings, sentinel surveillance, and other sources. RESULTS By 2007, a cumulative total of 57,325 cases of(More)
Abstract. In this paper, the analysis of the superconvergence property of the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method applied to one-dimensional time-dependent nonlinear scalar conservation laws is carried out. We prove that the error between the DG solution and a particular projection of the exact solution achieves (k+ 3 2 )-th order superconvergence when(More)
The existence of solutions of Neumann boundary value problem of second-order ordinary differential equations has been studied bymany authors; see Sun et al. 1 , Cabada and Pouso 2 , Cabada et al. 3 , Canada et al. 4 , Chu et al. 5 , Jiang, and Liu 6 , Yazidi 7 , Sun and Li 8 and the references therein. Recently, Chu et al. 5 have studied the existence of(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Phylogenetic incongruence between "gene trees" and "species trees" has been widely acknowledged in phylogenetic research. Conflicts may emerge from several processes including paralogy, hybridization, and incomplete lineage sorting. Although phylogenetic incongruence appears common, its impact on many phylogeny-based analyses remains(More)
La, A., Q. Zhang and Z. Gao. 2014. Determining tolerance to odour annoyance in communities near hog operations. Canadian Biosystems Engineering/Le génie des biosystèmes au Canada 56: 6.1-6.11. Quantifying the impact of odour from livestock facilities has been a challenge to researchers and environmental regulators. Physical and sensory odour attributes are(More)
This work investigates global existence and uniqueness of strong solution, corresponding to a class of quasi-linear damped wave equations with gradient term in nonlinear sourcing term utt +αut =4u+ f (x, t,u,∇u),(α > 0) in a bounded and C2 domain Ω in Rn, where f satisfying some weak growth restrictions. We obtained the global existence and uniqueness of(More)