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Spherical robot is a special type of mobile robot which spherical structure offers special characteristic of motion, for example it has the capability to recover from collisions with static or mobile obstacles in the same area. In this paper the motion control of a kind of spherical robot based on conservation of angular momentum is discussed. Firstly, the(More)
This paper presents a novel design of an omni-directional spherical robot that is mainly composed of a lucent ball-shaped shell and an internal driving unit. Two motors installed on the internal driving unit are used to realize the omni-directional motion of the robot, one motor is used to make the robot move straight and another is used to make it steer.(More)
A spherical mobile robot, BHQ-1, designed for environment exploration, was briefly introduced. The dynamic model of BHQ-1 was established with a simplified Boltzmann-Hamel equation. From the dynamic model the expressions of the input moments of two motors to drive the robot are deduced when the robot moves along straight trajectory and circular trajectory(More)
Spherical mobile robot has the characteristics of compact structure and agile motion and is promising to be used in unmanned environment. Designed for environment exploration, a spherical mobile robot BHQ-2 was briefly introduced. The kinematic equation of BHQ-2 was established and its controllability was proved with controllable Lie algebra. Based on the(More)
This paper introduces a novel link-driven, 1 DOF, three phalanges robotic finger. In order to improve the grasping performance of BHG-1 hand which is driven by tendon system, a link-driven finger is proposed. First, the design requirements of new finger are given on the basis of the new grasping scheme of BHG-1 hand. Then, the analysis and optimization(More)
Monocular vision based navigation method has the merits of simple computation and cheap hardware and is promising to realize real time navigation. A monocular vision based navigation method for a mobile robot moving in unknown environment is presented in the paper. By a special installation of a monocular camera on the top of a mobile robot, the method can(More)
A survey for grasping synthesis method with dexterous robot hand is presented in this paper. The difference of grasping characters is introduced between dexterous hand and underactuated hand. Especially the feature of self-adaptive enveloping grasp by underactuated finger mechanism is outlined as having good performance in grasping unknown objects. In order(More)
The quadrotor aircraft is a special type of rotorcraft with simple structure and vertical taking off and landing (VTOL) capability. Due to lift restrictions small quadrotor usually cannot be installed with high performance attitude measurement unit to acquire accurate attitude information, the lack of which makes its attitude control difficult. This paper(More)
Concept hierarchy is the backbone of ontology, and the concept hierarchy acquisition has been a hot topic in the field of ontology learning. this paper proposes a hyponymy extraction method of domain ontology concept based on cascaded conditional random field(CCRFs) and hierarchy clustering. It takes free text as extracting object, adopts CCRFs identifying(More)