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The suboccipital muscles are connected to the upper cervical spinal dura mater via the myodural bridges (MDBs). Recently, it was suggested that they might work as a pump to provide power for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation. The purpose of this study was to investigate effects of the suboccipital muscles contractions on the CSF flow. Forty healthy(More)
Wheat-Dasypyrum villosum translocated chromosomes T6V#2S•6AL and T6V#4S•6DL are known to confer excellent resistance to wheat powdery mildew (PM). However, it is difficult to distinguish the two sources of PM resistance genes through multi-pathotype testing because to date no virulence for them has been found. To reveal the relationship between the PM(More)
The fine dissection of nerves and blood vessels in the tarsal tunnel is necessary for clinical operations to provide anatomical information. A total of 60 feet from 30 cadavers were dissected. Two imaginary reference lines that passed through the tip of the medial malleolus were applied. A detailed description of the branch pattern and the corresponding(More)
Recent studies have identified that the myodural bridge (MDB) between the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPmi) and the cervical spinal dura mater in the posterior atlanto-occipital interspace in humans. And it was supposed that the MDB may play essential physiological roles. As a result, the MDB is possibly a highly conserved structure in the evolution of(More)
This paper investigates how to control cost of inventory by analyzing the impact of speculation in a dual-supply chain. Manufacturers' exploit both traditional channel and direct channel independently to deliver goods. A four view Markov chain model was used to formulate total cost performance, with replenishment of inventory in accordance to Poisson(More)
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