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Most studies of software evolution have been performed on systems developed within a single company using traditional management techniques. With the widespread availability of several large software systems that have been developed using an “open source” development approach, we now have a chance to examine these systems in detail, and see if their(More)
The Consequences of technostress for end users in organizations: Conceptual development and empirical validation" (2008). T he research reported in this paper studies the phenomenon of technostress, that is, stress experienced by end users of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and examines its influence on their job satisfaction, commitment(More)
Organizational use of information and communications technologies (ICT) is increasingly resulting in negative cognitions in individuals, such as information overload and interruptions. recent literature has encapsulated these cognitions in 304 TarafDar, Tu, aND ragu-NaThaN the concept of technostress, which is stress caused by an inability to cope with the(More)
Based on empirical survey data, this paper uses concepts from sociotechnical theory and role theory to explore the effects of stress created by information and computer technology (ICT)-that is, "technostress"-on role stress and on individual productivity. We first explain different ways in which ICTs can create stress in users and identify factors that(More)
We present a simple method to detect pathogenicity islands and anomalous gene clusters in bacterial genomes. The method uses iterative discriminant analysis to define genomic regions that deviate most from the rest of the genome in three compositional criteria: G+C content, dinucleotide frequency and codon usage. Using this method, we identify many(More)
• Consists of descriptions of: – components, connectors, rationale/constraints, ... • Shows high-level structure – Composition and decomposition, horizontal layers and vertical slices • Reflects major design decisions – Rationale for why one approach taken, what impact it has • Promotes shared mental model among developers and other stakeholders – Shows how(More)