Qiang Sun

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Among the exchange of e-business, how to make users exactly and full search demanded commodities is an important research question, and the web services for searching commodities are the keys. In the process of searching commodities, users can gradually use many kinds of the attribute values of the commodities to invoke relevant web services and get(More)
The Internet of Things has drawn lots of research attention as the growing number of devices connected to the Internet. Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) is a promising technology for wireless communication and it's also promising for IoT. The main challenge of incorporating IoT devices into LTE-A is a large number of IoT devices attempting to access the(More)
Integer orders differential system is a special case of fractional-order differential system. Integer orders chaotic system that we usually study is ideally approximate to realistic chaotic system. Fractional-order chaotic system has broader and changeable values of order and more complex dynamical behavior than integer order chaotic system. Thus,(More)
QAM is very favorable in high speed communication systems, because it could enhance the frequency spectrum utilization of them. In this paper, consists of two aspects. On the one hand, the theoretical algorithm of bit-level soft demodulation for 64QAM is analyzed, and two simplified algorithm to calculate LLR is developed. On the other hand, an advanced(More)
Green network attracts a lot of attention due to global climate change. User cooperation is considered as one of the most promising technologies for energy saving in the cellular networks. Compared with the traditional cellular systems in which the quality of service (QoS) is the only system performance metric, the green cellular systems should consider(More)
Power line Communications (PLC) has gained a lot of interest for the last mile or access because the normal electric power line is utilized for transmission also communication signals. Considerable research effort has been extended on investigating the technologies about the physical (PHY) layer and the medium access control (MAC) layer. But the(More)
GPS positioning equipment of the foreign manufacturer was used in most of China's railway system. There are still some problems across the board to rely on the GPS system. In order to achieve better positioning, COMPASS/GPS dual-mode differential positioning was used and tested in the Qinghai-Tibet line. The test data analysis showed that, COMPASS/GPS(More)
3400–3600MHz band is possibly allocated to LTE-Hotspot Indoor (LTE-Hi) in the future. LTE-Hi will share the same frequency band with Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) in 3400–3600MHz. Therefore, the coexistence interference for the LTE-Hi with the FSS earth station should be studied. The deterministic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation are(More)
The application of RFID technology on parking lot make it effective, convenient and safe. An active 2.45GHz RFID system based on MSP430 series MCU and nRF24L01 low power radio transceiver chip is introduced in this article with emphasis on the system's hardware design, realization scheme of anti-collision algorithm and realization of tag's low power(More)