Qiang Sun

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We introduce a novel approach to incorporating domain knowledge into Support Vector Machines to improve their example efficiency. Domain knowledge is used in an Explanation Based Learning fashion to build justifications or explanations for why the training examples are assigned their given class labels. Explanations bias the large margin classifier through(More)
Kernel functions are often cited as a mechanism to encode prior knowledge of a learning task. But it can be difficult to capture prior knowledge effectively. For example, we know that image pixels of a handwritten character result from a few strokes from a single writing implement; it is not clear how to express this in a kernel function. We investigate an(More)
MOTIVATION The differential expression analysis focusing on inter-group comparison can capture only differentially expressed genes (DE genes) at the population level, which may mask the heterogeneity of differential expression in individuals. Thus, to provide patient-specific information for personalized medicine, it is necessary to conduct differential(More)