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Ejecting interior ballistic equations of one submarine-launched cruise missile are established. And interior ballistic equations are simulated and computed. Basic changing rules of interior ballistic parameters are computed. Results indicate that gas-steam launch mode can be used to launch submarine-launched cruise missile. It is of some reference value for(More)
In this paper, a simple and efficient method, based on Quaternionic Distance Based Weber Descriptor (QDWD) and object cues, is proposed for saliency detection. Firstly, QDWD, which was initially designed for detecting outliers in color images, is used to represent the directional cues in an image. Meanwhile, two low-level priors, namely the color contrast(More)
Based on features of vertical launching underwater, the kinematics model and dynamics model for underwater motion of vehicle were established by the theorem of centroid movement and the moment theorem. The mathematical model was simulated numerically with the ODE solver of MATLAB. And the result was the velocity and attitude angle of vehicle in the(More)
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