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Common mode voltage (CMV) generated by two-level voltage source rectifier/inverter adjustable speed drive (ASD) system is troublesome and requires extra hardware fixes, which increase production costs and can lead to increased installation costs. The use of the common mode reduction modulator (CMRM) to control the common mode voltage has received some(More)
Bacterial laccases are ideal alternatives of fungal laccases for specific industrial applications due to specific characteristics such as alkalescence dependence and high chloride tolerance. However, some bacterial laccases presented as inclusion bodies when expressing in Escherichia coli and showed thermal instability. In this study, rational design was(More)
BACKGROUND Although there are still some unresolved aspects, current research has revealed that vascular cell proliferation probably plays an important part in the pathological formation process of cerebral vasospasm. Using a "two-hemorrhage" model of subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), this study investigated the function of ERK1/2 and vascular wall cell(More)
Currently, there are considerable discrepancies between China's central government and some local governments in attitudes towards coal to liquids (CTL) technology. Energy return on investment (EROI) analysis of CTL could provide new insights that may help solve this dilemma. Unfortunately, there has been little research on this topic; this paper therefore(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the hypolipidemic and antioxidant potential of ephedra extractions in diet-induced hyperlipidemic mice. Mice were fed a diet high in fat to establish the hyperlipidemic model. A total of 48 mice were randomly divided into six groups, which included the normal control, model control, positive control, ephedra(More)
A new detection method based on synchronous reference frame is proposed. A single-phase voltage is derived and used to form virtual symmetrical three-phase system. Sine signal and cosine signal are formed in this reference frame. It substitutes the low pass filter by simple integral, delay and gain, which can reduce the detecting delay to 1/6 of source(More)
Downloading multimedia content from the Internet becomes more and more popular. Consumers have more to consider than just the name of the artist or the title of the content when they buy online. Based on the current model, it is time consuming for consumers to obtain the desired multimedia content, starting from the beginning of searching a title to the end(More)
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