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There are two statistical decision making questions regarding statistically detecting sings of denial-of-service flooding attacks. One is how to represent the distributions of detection probability, false alarm probability and miss probability. The other is how to quantitatively express a decision region within which one may make a decision that has high(More)
Visual exploration of volume data often requires the user to manipulate the orientation and position of a slicing plane in order to observe, annotate or measure its internal structures. Such operations, with its many degrees of freedom in 3D space, map poorly into interaction modalities afforded by mouse-keyboard interfaces or flat multi-touch displays(More)
A VR-based simulator helps trainees develop skills for catheterization, a fundamental but difficult procedure in vascular interventional radiology. A deformable model simulates the complicated behavior of guide wires and catheters, using the principle of minimum total potential energy. A fast, stable multigrid solver ensures realistic simulation and(More)