Qiang Ma

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With the development of positioning technologies and the boosting deployment of inexpensive location-aware sensors, large volumes of trajectory data have emerged. However, efficient and scalable query processing over trajectory data remains a big challenge. We explore a new approach to this target in this paper, presenting a new framework for query(More)
Storage and utilization of web data has become a big challenge to data management community. Though many commercial and academic tools emerge, the structure, content , and user behavior of Chinese Web is not fully studied. We are working on building a Chinese Web Infrastructure (CWI) for support of such research. In this paper, a graph data model used in(More)
Constrained by the interior properties of underwater acoustic channels such as limited bandwidth, time-varying multipath propagation, and large propagation delay, the design of multiple access (MAC) protocols for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWSN) poses significant challenges. Existing MAC protocols for UWSNs exhibit very low performance in channel(More)
The vast amount of information is available on the WWW(World Wide Web). Usually, users use the information filtering technologies or search engines to acquire their favorite information. However, it's still not easy to acquire or exclude local information with the conventional search engines and information filtering technologies. In this paper, we propose(More)
  • Qiang Ma
  • 2010
This paper studies the development of distributed e-commerce platform and points out a solution for e-commerce platform. Firstly, it analyzes the characteristics of the distributed model e-commerce platform, and then proposes a distributed model which consists of e-business platform architecture, platform, traders, customers, business center. At last, it(More)
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