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In this paper, we propose a new way of integrating cross-media news content, such as television programs and web pages. We search cross-media news content to find complementary items which can provide additional information to users interested in a particular topic. The complementary news items searched for are not just similar to the item the user is(More)
A novel triple cell neurovascular unit (NVU) model co-culturing with neurons, brain microvascular endothelial cells (BMECs) and astrocytes was established in this study for investigating the cerebral diseases and screening the candidates of therapeutic drug. We have first performed the cell identification and morphological characterization, analyzed the(More)
Broadcast-based information dissemination systems on the Internet are becoming increasingly popular due to advances in the area of Web technology and information delivery. In this paper, we propose a concept and a way to construct a virtual TV channel, which is a user-deened (virtual) channel from existing push-based Internet channels. Our virtual TV(More)
A great deal of technology has been developed to help people access the information they require. With advances in the availability of information, information-seeking activities are becoming more sophisticated. This means that information technology must move to the next stage, i.e., enable users to acquire information from multiple perspectives to satisfy(More)