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Over the past decade, advertising has emerged as the primary source of revenue for many web sites and apps. In this paper we report a first-of-its-kind study that seeks to broadly understand the features, mechanisms and dynamics of display advertising on the web - <i>i.e., the Adscape</i>. Our study takes the perspective of users who are the targets of(More)
It is still not clear which group of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms plays the most important roles in nitrification in soils. Change in abundances and community compositions of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) under long-term different nitrogen (N) fertilization rates were investigated in an acidic luvisols soil using(More)
The emanations of electronic and mechanical devices have raised serious privacy concerns. It proves possible for an attacker to recover the keystrokes by acoustic signal emanations. Most existing malicious applications adopt context-based approaches, which assume that the typed texts are potentially correlated. Those approaches often incur a high cost(More)
In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), diagnosis is a crucial and challenging task due to the distributed nature and stringent resources. Most previous approaches are supervised, relying on a-priori knowledge of network faults. Our experience with GreenOrbs, a long-term large-scale WSN system, reveals the need of diagnosis in an agnostic manner. Specifically,(More)
Existing approaches to diagnosing sensor networks are generally sink-based, which rely on actively pulling state information from all sensor nodes so as to conduct centralized analysis. However, the sink-based diagnosis tools incur huge communication overhead to the traffic sensitive sensor networks. Also, due to the unreliable wireless communications, sink(More)
How to shorten the time for channel waiting is critical to avoid network contention. Traditional MAC protocols with CSMA often assume that a transmission must be deferred if the channel is busy, so they focus more on the optimization of serial transmission performance. Recent advances in physical layer, however, allows a receiver to reengage onto a stronger(More)
Combining both spatial and intensity information in image, we present an MRI brain image segmentation approach based on multi-resolution edge detection, region selection, and intensity threshold methods. The detection of white matter structure in brain is emphasized in this paper. First, a multi-resolution brain image representation and segmentation(More)
A sensitive and stable label-free electrochemical impedance immunosensor for the detection of Salmonella typhimurium was developed by immobilising anti-Salmonella antibodies onto the gold nanoparticles and poly(amidoamine)-multiwalled carbon nanotubes-chitosan nanocomposite film modified glassy carbon electrode (AuNPs/PAMAM-MWCNT-Chi/GCE). Electrochemical(More)
Context awareness is emphasized in order to provide automatic services in smart home. This paper uses case based reasoning as the reasoning method which solves the problem "in the first phase, we don't know exactly about the key processes and their interdependencies in smart home's context". The context's contents in smart home are described in this paper.(More)