Qiang Lv

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The family of calcium binding proteins called KChIPs associates with Kv4 family K(+) channels and modulates their biophysical properties. Here, using mutagenesis and X-ray crystallography, we explore the interaction between Kv4 subunits and KChIP1. Two regions in the Kv4.2 N terminus, residues 7-11 and 71-90, are necessary for KChIP1 modulation and(More)
MOTIVATION Mutations in human genome are mainly through single nucleotide polymorphism, some of which can affect stability and function of proteins, causing human diseases. Several methods have been proposed to predict the effect of mutations on protein stability; but most require features from experimental structure. Given the fast progress in protein(More)
—Enforcement of global cooperation urges the rapid growth of cooperative work. As a typical application of it, cooperative editing is widely used in many fields gradually, especially in knowledge intensive application. Workflow is a kind of automation technology by predefined process rules and tasks. It can bring us clarity in process control and(More)