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—In this paper, a multimachine power system is first represented as the generalized Hamiltonian control system with dissipation. Then, a decentralized saturated steam valving and ex-citation controller, which is staticly measurable, is proposed based on the Hamiltonian function method. Last, an example of three-machine power system is discussed in detail.
Search is a major technique for planning. It amounts to exploring a state space of planning domains typically modeled as a directed graph. However, prohibitively large sizes of the search space make search expensive. Developing better heuristic functions has been the main technique for improving search efficiency. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown(More)
Complex features, such as temporal dependencies and numerical cost constraints, are hallmarks of real-world planning problems. In this article, we consider the challenging problem of cost-sensitive temporally expressive (CSTE) planning, which requires concurrency of durative actions and optimization of action costs. We first propose a scheme to translate a(More)
W e propose a structural approach to measuring brand and subbrand value using observational data. Brand value is defined as the difference in equilibrium profit between the brand in question and its counterfactual unbranded equivalent on search attributes. Our model allows us to make this computation rigorously, taking into account competitors' and(More)
Bioinformatics is a dynamic research area in which a large number of algorithms and programs have been developed rapidly and independently without much consideration so far of the need for standardization. The lack of such common standards combined with unfriendly interfaces make it difficult for biologists to learn how to use these tools and to translate(More)