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Novel multi-metal containing MnCr catalyst made from manganese slag and chromium wastewater for effective selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide at low temperature
Abstract The disposal of manganese slag and chromium electroplating wastewater is a difficult problem worldwide. These wastes contain various transition metals, such as Mn, Cr, Fe, Ni and Cu. Thus,Expand
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The promotion effect of biochar on electrochemical degradation of nitrobenzene
Abstract In this study, biochar from the thermal pyrolysis of biomass was introduced into electrolysis to enhance the electrochemical degradation of nitrobenzene (NB). The biochar assistedExpand
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Experimental Study of the Influence of Different Liquids on the Transformer Cooling Performance
Mineral oil is traditionally used in liquid immersed transformers to act as a coolant, an information carrier, and as an electrical insulator. Emerging alternative transformer liquids provideExpand
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Research progress and magnetic properties of light-induced single-chain magnets
Single-chain magnets (SCMs) which exhibit magnetic bistable state and slow magnetic relaxation have attracted much attention in chemistry, physics, and materials science fields. Although variousExpand
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Experience of Oil Re-generation on a 132 kV Distribution Transformer
Under current economic scenario, transformer replacement is not always feasible. Therefore, maintenance based intervention scheme is introduced such as oil re-generation as an option to extendExpand
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Facile synthesis of hollow globular Cr(VI)-adsorbents inspired from assembly to polymerization
Abstract In this work, hollow globular Cr(VI)-adsorbents were successively fabricated via the assembly of tannic acid (TA) and 1, 6-hexanediamine (HA) converting to polymerization using polyvinylExpand
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[Optimization of a novel mucoadhesive drug deliver system with ion-exchange resin core loaded with berberine hydrochloride using central composite design methodology].
A novel mucoadhesive microcapsule with drug-resin complex core loaded with berberine hydrochloride (BH) was developed and optimized. Drug-ion exchange resin (IER) complex was prepared by staticExpand
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The Spatial-temporal Variation of Land Surface Albedo in Hengshui During 2001-2015 by Blending Landsat and GLASS Data
Qi Li1,2, Rui Sun1,2, *, Qiang Liu 1,3, Tao Yu1,2, Qinru Liu1,2 and Anran Zhu1,2 1State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China 2Beijing EngineeringExpand
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N‐Methylation of N‐Methylaniline with Carbon Dioxide and Molecular Hydrogen over a Heterogeneous Non‐Noble Metal Cu/TiO2 Catalyst
A non‐noble heterogeneous catalyst of Cu/TiO2 was prepared for N‐methylation of N‐methylaniline (MA) with CO2 and H2. 5 wt.–% Cu loaded TiO2 (P25) catalyst exhibited a high performance, with 82 % MAExpand
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