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BACKGROUND Because of the rapid change in lifestyle in China, there is concern that diabetes may become epidemic. We conducted a national study from June 2007 through May 2008 to estimate the prevalence of diabetes among Chinese adults. METHODS A nationally representative sample of 46,239 adults, 20 years of age or older, from 14 provinces and(More)
Many state-of-the-art perceptual image quality assessment (IQA) algorithms share a common two-stage structure: local quality/distortion measurement followed by pooling. While significant progress has been made in measuring local image quality/distortion, the pooling stage is often done in ad-hoc ways, lacking theoretical principles and reliable(More)
Progress in genome research has made it possible to develop new SSR markers by bioinformatics in a relatively narrow region of genome. To realize it, the first thing is to search for potential SSR sites. Any known methods have more or less defects. Efforts were made to develop a local SSR sites searching software in this study. The resultant software,(More)
Motion is one of the most important types of information contained in natural video, but direct use of motion information in the design of video quality assessment algorithms has not been deeply investigated. Here we propose to incorporate a recent model of human visual speed perception [Nat. Neurosci. 9, 578 (2006)] and model visual perception in an(More)
An automated computerized scheme has been developed for the detection and characterization of diffuse lung diseases on high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) images. Our database consisted of 315 HRCT images selected from 105 patients, which included normal and abnormal slices related to six different patterns, i.e., ground-glass opacities, reticular(More)
Falls are dangerous for the aged population as they can adversely affect health. Therefore, many fall detection systems have been developed. However, prevalent methods only use accelerometers to isolate falls from activities of daily living (ADL). This makes it difficult to distinguish real falls from certain fall-like activities such as sitting down(More)
Recent functional neuroimaging studies have examined cognitive inhibitory control, decision-making and stress regulation in heroin addiction using a cue-reactivity paradigm. Few studies have considered impairments in heroin users from an integrated perspective for evaluation of their brain functions. We hypothesized that the brain regions that are(More)
Biodiesel has become more attractive recently because of its environmental benefits, and the fact that it is made from renewable resources. Generally speaking, biodiesel is prepared through transesterification of vegetable oils or animal fats with short chain alcohols. However, the lack of oil feedstocks limits the large-scale development of biodiesel to(More)
Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) schemes have been developed to assist radiologists in the early detection of lung cancer in radiographs and computed tomography (CT) images. In order to improve sensitivity for nodule detection, many researchers have employed a filter as a preprocessing step for enhancement of nodules. However, these filters enhance not only(More)
Consider an MISO channel overheard by multiple eavesdroppers. Our goal is to design an artificial noise (AN)-aided transmit strategy, such that the achievable secrecy rate is maximized subject to the sum power constraint. AN-aided secure transmission has recently been found to be a promising approach for blocking eavesdropping attempts. In many existing(More)