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Many state-of-the-art perceptual image quality assessment (IQA) algorithms share a common two-stage structure: local quality/distortion measurement followed by pooling. While significant progress has been made in measuring local image quality/distortion, the pooling stage is often done in ad-hoc ways, lacking theoretical principles and reliable(More)
—Reduced-reference image quality assessment (RRIQA) methods estimate image quality degradations with partial information about the " perfect-quality " reference image. In this paper, we propose an RRIQA algorithm based on a divisive normalization image representation. Divisive normalization has been recognized as a successful approach to model the(More)
Consider an MISO channel overheard by multiple eavesdroppers. Our goal is to design an artificial noise (AN)-aided transmit strategy, such that the achievable secrecy rate is maximized subject to the sum power constraint. AN-aided secure transmission has recently been found to be a promising approach for blocking eavesdropping attempts. In many existing(More)
Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) provides a computer output as a "second opinion" in order to assist radiologists in the diagnosis of various diseases on medical images. Currently, a significant research effort is being devoted to the detection and characterization of lung nodules in thin-section computed tomography (CT) images, which represents one of the(More)
—Body sensor networks (BSN) are emerging cyber-physical systems that promise to improve quality of life through improved healthcare, augmented sensing and actuation for the disabled, independent living for the elderly, and reduced healthcare costs. However, the physical nature of BSNs introduces new challenges. The human body is a highly dynamic physical(More)
Auditeur is a general-purpose, energy-efficient, and context-aware acoustic event detection platform for smartphones. It enables app developers to have their app register for and get notified on a wide variety of acoustic events. Auditeur is backed by a cloud service to store user contributed sound clips and to generate an energy-efficient and context-aware(More)
A mobile phone, as a pervasive device, has great potential in human wellness monitoring. In this demo, we first present the design and implementation of our hardware - SEPTIMU. SEPTIMU consists of a small baseboard and a pair of tiny sensor boards embedded inside conventional earphones. The baseboard provides power conversion and data communication through(More)
—Falls are dangerous for the aged population as they can adversely affect health. Therefore, many fall detection systems have been developed. However, prevalent methods only use accelerometers to isolate falls from activities of daily living (ADL). This makes it difficult to distinguish real falls from certain fall-like activities such as sitting down(More)
In recent years there has been growing interest in study of multi-antenna transmit designs for providing secure communication over the physical layer. This paper considers the scenario of an intended multi-input single-output channel overheard by multiple multi-antenna eavesdroppers. Specifically, we address the transmit covariance optimization for(More)